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May 24, 2023

On todays episode Cid and Jake talk about the record Youth by the band Citizen for the records 10 year anniversary. The pair talk about the records mature take on a break up the singer had. The content of the songs often tries to find answers to the why in the singer’s heartbreak and what his ex-girlfriend felt during that time as he seemingly asks her how she feels. It dives deep into the complex emotions that an older teen and or young adult would feel in the end of a relationship. Theres angst but tempered with a maturity and quest for insight and understanding into ones own emotions as well as determining those of the partner. It tackles how as we age we begin to be able to examine relationships and while breaking up sucks, can leave emotional attachments lover who you are no attached to, a ghost that haunts you as you watch them move on with their life.

The sound of the record hits with a good blend of emo and grunge with hints of pop punk and post hardcore here and there.

Citizen, currently consisting or Mat Kerekes, the vocalist, Nick Hamm, the lead guitarist, and Eric Hamm, the bassist, was formed in 2009 in Michigan and Ohio. The band has had several members come and go such as many drummers, which Kerekes plays for the records but not live.