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Feb 28, 2023

On this episode we are joined by Alex Kugelman who is award winning writer and director who’s written jokes for the People’s Choice Awards, and The Oscars. His scripts have ranked on The Black List, his films have won awards at Indie Shorts Fest, Tuscan Film Fest and LA underground Film fest and he’s worked on productions for Netflix, Warner Brothers and Blumhouse. He joins us to discuss his currently running Kickstarter for his film Don't Trip.

Don't Trip is a horror/comedy feature film about a struggling screenwriter who falls into a dangerous relationship when he befreiends a powerful producer's eccentric son.

Alex and Dan discuss the choice of Kickstarter for Don't Trip and the freedoms it allows. They discuss how films like this may not be made when it comes to the typical Hollywood film making process. They also talk about Alex's approach to horror and what horror experiences have stuck with him the longest.

The also talk about how Steven Spielberg had no idea what E.T. was going to be until that little freak showed up on set day one. From there they let that little wrinkly freak do whatever he wanted and bam, blockbuster.