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Dec 16, 2022

In 2009, James Cameron looked at his record breaking film Titanic's box office success and whispered to himself in his castle in the sky that "it's not enough". In that moment, he released Avatar which to this day is the highest grossing motion picture of all time. No amount of Avengers, Spider-Men, or Hamlet adaptations can hold a candle to the piles of money that Avatar raked in. But since, the film has fallen far from the favor of many film goers. They make cheap comparisons of this herald of technology, world-building, and mote that is Avatar.

But with Avatar: The Way of Water coming, Dan decided to seek out a co-host that was so in tune with Avatar that he speaks the language and runs the biggest fan community dedicated to the film. Seth Wright agreed to join him on his journey back to Pandora to see if this time he would enjoy the film when he was one of the staunchest hold outs there was on Earth. Now, Dan has been reborn as a big blue ball of Na'vi love.

You may know Seth and his community (Kelutral which means life tree in the tongue of the Na'vi) from their appearance on the show How To with John Wilson on HBO. Their community thrives as a place where people have found their place of belonging with other fans of the series that goes so far past just a fan group. It's why we asked him to be on the show because despite the teasing they receive, their community thrives on connection and learning.

With Seth being one of the foremost experts on the world of Pandora, he gets to answer well thought out and intergral questions about the series from Dan like "Do they have nipples?" and "how do I say fuck?". The hard hitting journalism we are known for.

Prepare yourself, we are heading back to Pandora.