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Sep 21, 2022

On today’s episode, Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead franchise, Spider-Man, Burn Notice, the list goes on forever) . Yeah, right? Wow. Cannot believe this happened still but it’s an incredible interview about his upcoming DC Comics book Sargent Rock vs The Army of the Dead. This is Bruce’s first outting as a DC Comics writer.

We discuss the crossroads of horror and war stories or how they’re actually one and the same. Bruce Campbell talks about being able to muck around in history. There’s a thrill to being able to tell stories in the moments no one knows the true answers for him. Plus getting to kill Hitler in any story is a plus.

They discuss the use of humor in horror situations and other places where gallows humor fits to help boost morale. Bruce talks about his approach to humor in his story.

Bruce Campbell and Dan talk about scripting a comic versus scripting like a film or a prose novel. Bruce talks about how he approaches writing in a three act structure and how comics is a challenge since it can be broken up into many more issues than one straight shot. Coming from a film background, writing the scripts comes with much more of a visual aspect for Bruce so writing a comic isn't too far off from his other work.

With Bruce's history with horror fighting demons, possessed monsters, and all sorts of baddies, we discuss his approach to the monsters in this story. He is very clear about how they are zombie as reanimated corpses and not something possessed. He talks about the blend of things that bring someone back in this story.

Bruce Campbell talks about making characters distinct from one another and how important dialogue is for characterization. An important lesson he instills about the way a character speech is something any writer should listen and take with them from this interview.

Be sure to check out the book from DC Comics on sale September 27th!