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Jan 4, 2023

On the first episode of 2023, it's a brand new day with our super sized Dan Slott interview to thwip the year off right! Dan Slott was was the captain of the Amazing Spider-Man series for around 10 years at Marvel Comics which is unheard of in modern comics. With Dan deciding it was time to put the mask back on with his recent Spider-Man #1, we decided it was time to finally get him on the show!

Dan and Dan go deep into the character of Spider-Man for nearly 2 hours. Dan Slott discusses his Spider-Man origin story with a tale from his childhood. His sandwich answer is also a ton of fun and as a creator who constantly deals with controversy, he decides to bring up the "is a hot dog a sandwich" topic right at the top of the show.

Dan gets the chance to discuss social media with Dan Slott and how he handles it with his reply section essentially always being a war zone no matter the topic. Dan talks about how it effects him and what he does about it.

The two also discuss Slott's change of heart on the fat jokes that Spider-Man would use in his run with some time passed. They talk about the topic and the effect of jokes that you cannot see unless you look from another perspective.

Dan gives the origin story of Spider-Island and how the event came to be. We also talk about the burden of writing a book that comes out multiple times a month. Dan talks about the effect it had on his other series and the help of Christos Gage to always get things into the end zone.

To wrap the episode, we discuss the Spider-Man and Doctor Who crossover that almost happened with story details of what the series could've been. Dan also talks about his upcoming Doctor Who comic and how it all came to be.