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Jun 21, 2023

Today is a first for GateCrashers! We are sitting down with the lead designer and editor of a tabletop roleplaying game. We are discussing the newest campaign for the Fallout TTRPG from Modiphius Entertainment. Dan is joined by Donathin Frye, Lead Designer on Winter of Atom, and Jacky Leung, Designer/Developer and Editor on Winter of Atom.

This latest campaign book for Fallout: The Role Playing Game is looking to offer an experience more intense and in-depth than anything seen previously, and at the forefront of that experience are the titular Children of Atom. Main quests will keep your attention as you square off against the Last Son of Atom, a megalomaniac seeking to convert everyone to the Children of Atom, while side quests will offer up chances to explore the world and hunt down better supplies. And true to the source material, terrifying monstrosities will be waiting around every corner. 

Donathin and Jacky help break down what goes into creating a book like this. They talk about things like the collaborative nature of building a campaign with a group of designers and how much work goes into each mechanic. We discuss the new winter mechanics that come to the Fallout universe.

The group also dives a bit into the story elements of the campaign and what it holds for seasoned Fallout TTRPG players and newcomers alike. We discuss the specific flavor of Fallout and what the process is like to get things approved by Bethesda to fit into the canon of the series. Dan also gets to ask about what went into adding some of the new settlements mentioned in the game book and how settlements play into the campaign as a whole. The pair also explain the best place to start with the TTRPG to get your feet wet with the specific 2d6 roleplaying system that the series uses to make the game more cinematic.