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Jun 27, 2022

A dark cloud has hung over the town of Hawkins for the past few years, and things are certainly not getting any brighter. The line between our world and the upside down thins as an old, yet familiar enemy run’s out the clock on the youth of this formerly quiet town.

We settle in as our GateCrasher hosts Ethan, Jon, and RJ find themselves venturing into this Netflix behemoth, only to find themselves trapped in a realm that does not take so kindly to trespassers.

On the heels of a spell-binding first half of Season 4, and merely a week away to its culmination, it’s time to sit back and listen to our crew discuss Stranger Things and even stranger theories.

Season 4 opens on a town that is attempting to move past its tragic mall fire, and the familiar faces we have grown to love, trying to get on with their lives after the defeat of the Mind Flayer. However, some are having a harder time to acclimate than others.

Our group is dealing with some tragic losses, Max is grieving Billy, Joyce is missing Hopper, and Eleven is struggling in a life without her ‘Dad’ and her powers. In customary Stranger Things fashion, the Duffers waste no time in introducing this season’s Big Bad, the Dream-Killer himself, Vecna. Don’t worry, through the darkness comes the light, with another addition to this season’s cast, our Hellfire Club President and Guitar Hero, Eddie Munson. This season leans heavily into the realm of horror as our band of misfits face their toughest opponent yet, with everyone holding their breath until the season finale on July 1st.

It’s a credit to the cast, the writing, and the directing of Stranger Things, that even though we are now into the 4th year of this show, our group has rallied behind the idea that Season 4 may be its’ best yet. With the recent announcement of the series ending after Season 5, we all can’t help but wonder what is in store for this lovable cast of characters. Now, the discussion of these past 7 episodes may go off the rails a bit, but trust us, our love for this series is what shines through all the chaos. So, put on your favorite song, and come journey into the upside down.