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Feb 7, 2024

GateCrashers is back with Season 6! With our return, we are switching new a new release format. From here on we will be releasing the show in seasons! Each season will have its unique theme with episodes and content reflecting that theme. Our first season is called Capes 'N Cowards. We will be taking a look at different superhero-style universes that we think are worth checking out! This season will include The Boys, Venture Brothers, Mystery Men, and Minor Threats!

We begin this new season by kicking off with The Boys with Dan and Ethan. Ethan had never watched or read any of The Boys before we began preparing for this episode. We can promise that he will never be the same after this diabolically and rather... milky show. Dan was practically raised by Garth Ennis comics so he has been very excited to finally get to a fantastic adaptation that we think is worth your time to check out.

The Boys follows a group of unlikely non-superpowered individuals as they do everything they can to get their brand of revenge against The Seven and Vought. The superheroes of this world are unlike any other because they are mostly the worst humanity has to offer with corporate backing. There is also a lot of Billy Joel so that is a huge plus for any show. The show's first 3 seasons and the spin-offs are available for streaming on Prime Video.

Join us as Dan talks about all of The Boys skins in Call of Duty and we try to stay on topic as we talk about this week's topic. Be sure to leave us a review on any platform where you listen and subscribe. Those both help us tremendously find new listeners to help them find things that could bring them joy like it brings up.