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Mar 29, 2023

Are you ready to experience an actual play GateCrashers episode? We sure hope you are because we are finally covering Dungeons & Dragons!

In part one of our Dungeons & Dragons special, Patrick and Dan talk about Dungeons & Dragons history. They talk about the roots of the TTRPG phenomenon and its current cultural impact such as its HUGE presence in Stranger Things plus its own film out in theaters this Friday! Patrick and Dan talk about where they got into the series and what they like or don't like about Dungeons & Dragons.

Dan gives his thoughts on the film Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves and how much you need to know about D&D to enjoy it. (Which is nothing, go see it.)

We explain what you will need to play Dungeons & Dragons but we also suggest a few other tabletop role-playing games that you may want to check out as well! D&D isn't for everyone and that is okay but there are lots of other options out there.

In Part 2 of the episode, Patrick runs a GateCrashers canon one-shot! After the events of GateSlashers 2, Dan and the Grave Robber were thrown into the multiverse. After a long time of slipping between multiverses, some of which you get glimpses of here today, Dan has finally found a way to stay in one for enough time to make a stand. In order to do that, he has summoned Amanda, Ashley, Ethan, and Jake to help him in his fight.

That's right, everyone is playing as themselves but fantasy-fied versions. Everyone is a bit different except Ethan who is still Welsh. No amount of magic and multiverse jumping could change that. But with the gang reunited, do they have enough power to stop the Grave Robber and the Necronomicon once and for all?