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May 3, 2023

Today's episode is caked in stale beer, sweat, and Eagles memorabilia, as Dan and Jake talk about The Wonder Years record The Greatest Generation for its 10th anniversary. We are kicking off a series of 4 episodes for something we are calling "Music May-hem" where we are doing track-by-track conversations about 4 albums. We are kicking the month off with one of the defining Philly pop-punk scene behemoths, The Wonder Years. A band that has defined the music scene for over 10 years now.

Jake and Dan go track by track to have a conversation that is longer than usual. They dive deep into their personal connections to the music and lyrics. The brothers get personal about the themes explored in the music such as stability, anxiety, and a lot more heavy topics that The Wonder Years cover with their music. It is a very raw and emotional episode so it's really worth checking the album out before listening.

CONTENT WARNING: This episode includes discussions of heavy topics such as drug use, alcoholism, mental illness, suicide, and more.

The Wonder Years tackle the themes of depression, anxiety, and insecurity with this record as our hosts take a track by track approach, with Dan even writing all of his notes down physically to just connect with the music and not a screen. Both hosts bring their our meaning and understanding from the work of one of the Philly scenes biggest pop punk bands.

They look at just what the lyrics allude to and how relatable it is for those with similar experiences with difficulties.

Be sure to stay tuned for more music episodes! If you like the track-by-track breakdown of iconic albums, please be sure to give us feedback! If people enjoy this, we will continue to tackle more genres and artists to have conversations about the music and lyrics.