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Oct 27, 2021

GateSlashers must come to an end. Jake and Dan head to Maine to unearth some family secrets as they talk about The Plot from Vault Comics. They have to prepare for their final showdown with the Grave Robber in order to get their podcast back from his ghoulish grasp. The thing with horror stories… you never know just...

Oct 25, 2021

We are once again joined by two of our favorite Steves! Steve Foxe and Steve Orlando join us to chat all about their work on the Heavy Metal Magazine Boulet Brothers Halloween Takeover and drag’s connection to horror. We also got to chat about their work on Rainbow Bridge, horror itself, and their new book Party...

Oct 20, 2021

Things are about to get fast and furious as Amanda, Amir, Jon, and Dan find themselves trapped at old Camp Blood with a hockey wearing maniac thanks to the Grave Robber. Join the Chaos Crew as they try to survive while also discussing Jason Voorhees and everyone’s favorite holiday..... Friday the 13th.

Oct 13, 2021

The GateSlashers continue their dive into all things horror as the Grave Robber gathers a fresh group of innocents to experience The Night He Came Home. Yes, we’re here today to talk about Halloween 1978, and Halloween 2018, to get you prepped on everything Michael Myers before the new film releases this week!

Oct 6, 2021

The GateSlashers month of programming begins in the Lone Star State! The Grave Robber gives the hosts the first ever live audience of one, his name is Bubba. Listen as Scarlett and Dan talk about The Texas Chainsaw Massacre I & II. They talk about the films' focus of themes of animal cruelty, social issues, and...