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Feb 11, 2022

Dead Silence, a novel by S.A. Barnes (Stacey Kade), dropped on February 8th to critical acclaim from readers everywhere. The novel combines the realms of science fiction and horror, as we are lead on a terrifying journey with a crew doomed from the start. The story begins with our heroine and protagonist, Claire Kovalik, being interrogated in a corporate rehab facility in Florida for space-explorers whose minds have been swallowed by the vast expanse of our universe. Her captors are pressing her for information on her missing crew and their astonishing discovery of the Aurora, a first-of-its-kind luxury star liner that has been missing for over 20 years. The story then takes turn flipping back and forth between present and past, until they converge into an epic Act 3 that will leave you guessing until the last sentence. Our interview with S.A. Barnes, dives into her passion of writing, her jump into a new genre, and how this book came together. What unfolds is a mesmerizing conversation about what it means to be an author and how to take inspiration from iconic mediums and create something of your own. Sit back, listen, and then go and get your copy of Dead Silence.