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Sep 28, 2022

Your eyes do not deceive you, this week's episode is all about the sandman himself, Adam Sandler. Most people know Adam Sandler but not a lot of people have given him a lot of thought past that he is a funny guy. We're here to help you decide if Adam Sandler is the comedian for you with a deeper look into some of his biggest films with a more analytical eye.

Adam Sandler's career has never slowed down with him releasing a film a year since his first. There is no slowing down the Sandman. We talk took a sampling of his performances that range from romance, to comedy, to fatherhood, to a performance that is like the visual representation of a panic attack.

Adam Sandler Films Covered

The Wedding Singer

50 First Dates

Big Daddy

Billy Maddison

Uncut Gems

This episode is the first of a series we are doing called GATE CRASHERS LIVE where we will RJ (of Sex & Whiskey fame) and Dan will be taking a deeper look at the careers that were kickstarted by being on Saturday Night Live. The series will begin with the comedians that we grew up with who we will take a deeper look at far removed from our childhood of watching their inappropriate movies. We chose Adam Sandler as our first subject as his career is often lauded as being a joke among many. We are trying to slow down and find appreciation for some of the different things that are explored especially past the sophomoric humor to see the worth of things that bring you joy despite some glaring faults.

We are looking for feedback on this series on what you'd like to see more of, less of, or places you thing we could improve upon. We want to bring something different and fun to you so please, whatever you're thinking, let us know!

We hope you're ready for the next installment...