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Feb 20, 2024

I have been a Power Rangers fan since before I could even read. I grew up with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The first film was one of the first films I saw in theatres. I never really expected to end up interviewing one Ranger let alone many. But today's episode features our second original ranger, Amy Jo Johnson aka the original Pink Ranger Kimberly. Amy was kind enough and enjoyed our interview enough to call her co-writer Matt Hotson as soon as we wrapped our interview to make him jump on. Together they have written a new comic from BOOM! Studios called Power Rangers: The Return which you can get now anywhere you get your comics.

Power Rangers: The Return brings us back to Angel Grove years after the Power Rangers have disbanded. We see a much older version of the Rangers and friends that we knew from the show. The Rangers haven't done their teenagers with attitudes thing in years. A few members get together after a memorial for a fellow Ranger. Things from there get hectic and that quiet life that Kimberly thought she finally had will be slipping through her fingers.

Amy Jo Johnson has done much since her Power Rangers days which includes directing and becoming a singer/songwriter. We discussed creating art from all the different angles that she has a hand in. We discuss the co-writing process at length with each writer but at separate times. It's an interesting interview to listen to to see how each side of a duo works and sees the other in the process.

Amy also talks about how writing a comic has been Matt's dream for some time. We get to hear how happy she was for him on the day of release then we get to hear it straight from him. We discussed putting art out into the world but it was very exciting getting to hear on the day that someone's dream came true.