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Oct 25, 2022

Amanda sits down with voice actor and friend of the pod Ryan Colt Levy once again, a year after his original GateCrashers debut. Together, they discuss Ryan Colt Levy’s role as the English voice actor of Denji, the eponymous protagonist of Chainsaw Man, one of the most highly anticipated anime of the fall season, if not of 2022.

Check out the video interview here!

After being in production from MAPPA since December 2020, the anime adaptation finally launched on Crunchyroll October 11, 2022 in North America. Adapted from the Japanese manga series of the same name by mangaka Tatsuki Fujimoto, which began its serialization in 2018, Chainsaw Man follows 16-year-old Denji who, in order to pay off his deceased father’s debts, becomes a devil hunter. Alongside his only friend in the world, a devil pup with a chainsaw for a head named Pochita, the duo slay horrific creatures until, after a job gone wrong, Pochita and Denji fuse together to become the devil-human hybrid, Chainsaw Man. As a greater evil lurks overhead, Denji learns how to navigate the world with his newfound power, he meets friends and foes alike on his quest for belonging, human connection, and good food. 

Amanda and Ryan Colt Levy, fresh off a whirlwind New York Comic Con, dive headfirst into what it’s like being cast as the lead role for such a sought after property, the intersection of comedy and horror, the importance of well-drawn characters, the history of chainsaws, and the thrill of a new project. 

You can purchase physical copies of Chainsaw Man wherever you buy your manga or read the entirety of part one and catch up on the new weekly serializations of part two on the Viz Media and Shonen Jump mobile apps. The sub of Chainsaw Man is streaming on Crunchyroll now; the dub is set to begin uploading starting Tuesday, October 25.