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Jul 12, 2023

With the trade paperback of Minor Threats: A QUICK END TO A LONG BEGINNING hitting shelves today, it's a great time to listen to co-creators Patton Oswalt, Jordan Blum, and Scott Hepburn dig into the series. Minor Threatologists Quinn and Dan sit down with the team to really do a deep dive into the first volume of the series and the world blooming from it.

You can pick the book up now anywhere you buy your comics!

We also spend a LOT of time talking about Shit Eater. Just like a lot of time spent on one weird background character called Shit Eater. I hope you are ready for all the shit-talking you can handle.

Minor Threats is a series that focuses on crooks and criminals in a superhero world. But we aren't talking about the A-Tier villains like your Jokers and Green Goblins. We focus on those C-listers who get an issue or two before the hero foils their plot. The series focuses on those types of characters to flesh out what that world looks like. How do you function in a world where the villains above you are gods and monsters when you simply have cool toys?

Patton, Jordan, and Scott talk about the construction of their world on iconography that are familiar and distinct but with their own unique flavor brought to the page.

We talk with the team to break down some of the most iconic pages from the series and what went into their construction. Scott gets the chance to break down the flow of his art in the series. We discuss the visualization of powers.

Minor Threats often walks the line of humor and trauma in the series, a topic Patton and Jordan unpack with certain characters in the series.

Stick around to the very end for a spoiler-filled discussion about the end of the series and what it means moving forward for the Minor Threats universe.