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Oct 26, 2022

Another year of GateSlashers comes to an end as Dan and Jake make it back to the GateCrashers HQ to face off against the Grave Robber. Jordan joins Dan to discuss The Evil Dead franchise. Jordan does sound like a deadite after recovering from every type of illness that can make your throat hurt but he didn’t back down from grabbing his chainsaw to help to see if this series is for you. 

Jordan and Dan end this year's GateSlashers with one of their favorite franchises. Jordan talks about his entrance into the franchise which shocked Dan because it is unlike any he has heard before. Dan talks about his parties where they'd watch the film and how Bruce Campbell dunked on him as a teenager.

The Evil Dead franchise is known for its blood, gore, and most of all for its humor. Jordan discusses some of the filming techniques used by Sam Raimi that were born from having nearly no budget to make their vision come true. Dan talks about their practical effects and unique monsters for the franchise. They also discuss which of the entrances into the series are for different people. Dan gushes about how much he loves the television version of Ash is his favorite.

What we covered:

The Evil Dead

Evil Dead II

Army of Darkness

The Evil Dead

Ash vs Evil Dead

Evil Dead (The Video Game)

Outside the normal episode, today is the finale of GateSlashers II: I Want to Believe. Dan and Jake call in some help from Ethan to help them translate the Necronomicon to send the Grave Robber from wherever he came from. We reveal the origin of the GateCrashers biggest foe as monsters, demons, and all sorts of evil threaten to destroy the world. Will the GateCrashers stop the ultimate threat before it's too late or will GateSlashers really be forever? Find out today!

(Make sure to stay till the end... we have taken enough pages out of the DC book. Thought we'd take one from Marvel's...)