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Jul 28, 2022

With Harley Quinn season 3 dropping its first three episodes on HBO Max today, we had the chance to chat with co-creator, executive producer, and writer of the show Patrick Schumacker about the series. Patrick’s other work include Abbot Elementary, Powerless, Surviving Jack, and the upcoming Harley Quinn spin off Noonan's. Be sure to check out this Harley Quinn interview before watching the new season.

Harley Quinn is the first time we've gotten to see Harley and Ivy on screen as a couple which has made fans extremely happy. Patrick talks about the impact of being able to treat queer stories as they are as normal everyday things. Patrick talks about the reactions to this and the positive reactions the fans have had. But he also gets into what it was like before it was confirmed and how the fans treated the show and the team.

The Harley Quinn show has given it's unique take on many well known characters in the DC Universe. Patrick talks about the ones he is most proud of but more so the one that he wasn't expecting to have as much staying power as they did. With television being a collaborative process, Patrick talks about how the writers (and Dan) want to keep one character the way he has been in the show.

Season 3 brings in some familiar fan favorite characters from the DC Universe. The season has some more focus on the bat family with Nightwing finally making his appearance. We chat about the character and his interactions with the best Robin Damian Wayne. Patrick and Dan also talk about the vibes that the show's Swamp Thing gives off and his role in the show at large.

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