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Apr 19, 2023

AITA for planning and recording an episode of a podcast last minute because I loved Kids vs. Aliens so much? My brother and co-host seem to think I am.

Just kidding! But only like half kidding. On this week’s episode of the podcast Dan and Jake decided day of to talk about the film Kids VS Aliens! Kabooooooom!!! And the prototype of the film, “Slumber Party Alien Abduction” from the compilation film V/H/S 2. They agree on a few things that heroine and older sister, Sam, was the best character. That the aliens just love puking and causing a big old ruckus. And that the true enemy of the film is not those fun-loving aliens themselves but rather a shitty gaslighting asshole human!

The "Kids", in Kids vs. Aliens, Greg, Miles, and Jack gave the audience such great lines like “send them to hell and tell em Jack sent ya” amongst other absolute bangers. The film is a fun time with. a cool set design and a sword-fighting heroine but doesn’t feature the worst cinema crime of killing a dog for dramatic effect, which is how the prototype short so just be mindful of that. Feature length film = good fun film featuring no dogs. Short film= bad and heart breaking in a bad way because of the dog. (The prototype rules, Jake was just big mad about the dog.)

Dan and Jake talk about some other stuff such as Total Drama Island, Comedy Bang Bang, and more but it circled back to Resident Evil again like last time. So there will probably be an episode on that franchise eventually cause they can't shut up about it. Dan also has reviews for Dead Island 2 and the new Power Rangers Special so be on the lookout for those!