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Apr 5, 2023

On today's episode Dan “the Manga Man” McMahon gives a manga life update as he shares his journey updates which include learning about AMVs. Jake was told chaotic and decides to go full trucker with a stache. The brothers embark on a journey to Hell’s Paradise, the hit manga series as its anime just debuted on Crunchyroll! In the episode, they talk about how ninjas are cool and so is dope imagery!

Hell’s Paradise is the story of a silly little guy, Gabimaru the Hollow, a ninja who has been sentenced to death after being tossed to the wolves by his ninja master father-in-law after Gabimaru reveals to his father-in-law that he's actually a big wife guy and wants to stop being a homicide machine. The problem is Gabimaru, despite saying he wants to die, just won’t die by execution. During his last execution, he is offered a pardon by the shogun if he joins an expedition with his executioner and other death row convicts. The expedition to heads into the depths of a tropical island in pursuit of the immortality-granting Elixir of Life. On this lush island of Paradise and/or Hell is a host of crazy monsters like butterflies with human faces that turn you into flowers. Will Gabimaru and his new friend and executioner Sagiri survive and find the elixir of life or will they succumb to the island's dangers, the hands of the other convicts, or even each other? Find out by reading Hell’s Paradise!

Dan and Jake also talk about the new Resident Evil 4 remake and how while they enjoy the franchise's lore, it is not the thing they are looking for. For example, Dan doesn't want to be afraid but rather wants to make the monsters afraid of him. While Jake just wants to use big swords in Devil May Cry. But Leon Kennedy is a pretty cool guy.