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Jan 20, 2023

With the premiere of the YOLO: Silver Destiny coming this Sunday to Adult Swim, the creator of the of the show Michael Cusack stops by to chat!

You may know Michael Cusack from his other shows such as Koala Man which is available to watch now on Hulu. Or his other highly popular show Smiling Friends also from Adult Swim and streaming on HBO Max.

Michael is well known for his absurdist brand of humor and Dan asks if he ever finds himself pushing into the territories of horror with his work. Michael explains a bit about his approach to humor and creating programs such as this. We also get into the shows unique Australian identity and how something like that comes baked into a program when the team mostly hail from there.

The show is a wonderful blend of comedy and absurdism as two girls just try to make their way in the world. The rest of the show is streaming on HBO Max if you need to catch up which I highly suggest you do as it can breach a bit more into serialization at points. Another topic which we do cover is writing for serialized series versus loose serialization.