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Mar 31, 2022

Welcome to the premiere episode of ‘Sex + Whiskey: An Educational Series,’ our new podcast special! Our hosts Nikki and RJ will sip on a dram of the good stuff, while discussing the more exciting stuff. They will take you on a journey, exploring whiskeys from around the world, while also educating you on the birds and the bees, especially correcting what school or your parents missed on. Their goal is to promote a safe and fun environment, that will leave you empowered and educated on your next bedroom adventure. 

Nikki and RJ came together and asked the important question: “Why is there still a shameful and negative outlook on sex education?” Well, the answer is multi-faceted, but the way to correct it is not. They will use their educational backgrounds to cover a variety of topics, relaying their own personal anecdotes and proven science, as a form of Sex RE-Education for those who need it most. There will be moments that will have some listeners blushing or perhaps ensuring that no one else is in ear-shot, but the advice provided is essential for a safe and fun sex life.

They also wondered, “What pairs well with pillow-talk?” and the answer is undoubtedly Whiskey! As self-proclaimed connoisseurs of the brown stuff, they will introduce 3 whiskeys of their own choosing and hold a tasting. The bottles will change every episode with our hosts providing all the insight you need for your next addition to the liquor cabinet.   

Our first episode covers the 3 Cs: Communication, Consent, and Contraception. How does communication lead to safer and better sex? How do I make consent sexy? What type of contraception should you be using? All these questions and more are answered by our two health professionals. This is just a taste of things to come so, sit back, pour a drink, and get ready for ‘Sex + Whiskey’.