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Oct 19, 2022

One day you might find yourself on a lonely stretch of road in the state of Maine, with a destination that doesn't show on any map. You do not listen to the friendly gas station attendant who tells that you'll find nothing there, but trouble. Even the waitress at the cozy diner asks why anyone would want to visit such a place. But, you've never been one to turn down an adventure, be it fool-hardy or not. However, upon arrival, you realize your grave mistake, a second too late of course. Welcome to a world created by Bangor's favorite author, for everyone knows, all roads lead to Stephen King.

In this episode, Jon and RJ will take you through the dark and twisted literary universe of Stephen King. Now, not all of his work is strictly horror as you will see in our selected picks from his 60+ novels and short stories. It's actually quite difficult to focus on our individual 'Top 5' to culminate in a selected list of 10 pieces of work that give readers new and old, something to enjoy:

Salem’s Lot [1975]

The Shining [1977]

The Stand [1978]

Dark Tower: The Gunslinger [1982]

Desperation [1996]

Under The Dome [2009]

11/22/63 [2011]

Joyland [2013]

Doctor Sleep [2013]

Revival [2014]

To round out this episode Jon and RJ took time examined the highs and lows of King's film adaptations, and there were some tremendous works of art, and absolute piles of shit to be found. Albeit, some of this can be attributed to some of King's extraneous drug and alcohol use, but neither Jon nor RJ can excuse the creation and follow through of Dreamcatcher.

Dan and Jake make it to Maine before dealing with a killer clown from outer-space in part III of GateSlashers: I Want to Believe.

If you enjoyed this episode and want to continue on our GateSlashers journey please enjoy our X-Files episode or our Devilman Crybaby episode! We hope you enjoyed this journey into the mind of Stephen King, until next time constant reader, stay scared.p