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Nov 23, 2022

Join us at GateCrashers as Adair and Nikki record in scenic Beach City, Delmarva and delve into the world of Rebecca Sugar’s television series Steven Universe and all the things that make this show more than just an animated series with a fantastic soundtrack. Steven Universe was divided into three distinct parts; Steven Universe the series (5 seasons), Steven Universe the Movie and a concluding limited series entitled Steven Universe Future which concluded in 2020.

5000 years after a great war of Gems, we meet Steven, a half boy half gem who lives with the "Crystal Gems" Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl who were friends of his mother Rose Quartz and fugitives from a great interstellar empire. Together the four live in (what appears to be) an abandoned temple on earth after the Gems rebelled against Homeworld alongside Rose. The story follows Steven's adventures, whether he is fighting monsters, developing friendships or learning to control his own powers. 

In our conversation we discuss Rebecca Sugar’s unique take on a Cartoon Network series and their decision to include complex dynamics and obstacles as the characters grow with the series.  We look at the running themes of LGBTQ inclusivity, healthy interpersonal relationships, familial identity, depiction and developing awareness of mental illness and growth beyond trauma and abuse. Not to mention looking at the beautiful world built inside the show with original songs accompanying the changing circumstances and experiences of Steven and his community of found family.