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Dec 14, 2022

If you have a pulse, you know the names Spawn and Batman. The two behemoths of the comics world are completely unavoidable. Both have spawned films, tv shows, video games, cartoons, and countless toys. Batman and Spawn are back together in Batman/Spawn #1, on sale now from DC Comics.

We are joined today by Todd McFarlane and Greg Capullo to talk about the new crossover. Todd and Greg are joining forces once again to tackle the characters they have had a huge impact on the comics industry. Getting to chat with two of the biggest names in comics is an absolute honor for the show. It’s even better that they’re both extremely funny together. 

Todd McFarlane and Greg Capullo talk about their tenures on both characters. They chat about the evolution of the characters since they last crossed paths in the 90’s. Each brings a unique perspective to the characters with their times with them. Todd talks about getting to write Batman.

Greg Capullo talks about which version of Batman’s costume they included in the series and why. But we do get a chance to talk about the greatest bat suit of all time, his Rebirth redesign of Batman’s suit. He talks a bit about how he is sad that it went away so quickly. (We are all sad about this, it’s the best suit ever.)

With these two characters having the most iconic capes in comics, we talk about the use of capes in panels. We also talk about the size of their capes and how they both approach that. Dan also asks if Batman has a little bit of cape envy from Spawn having the best cape in comics. It’s not about the size of your cape, it’s about how you use it.

Todd McFarlane talks about the evolution of Spawn as a character and as a brand. With the recent line expansion of the Spawn Universe, we talk about the extended rosters and teams that share the universe. Todd touches a bit on if they are included in the series as well. Dan finds an excuse to talk about Haunt as usual. 

Batman/Spawn #1 is on sale now at your local comic book shops and anywhere you get your comics!