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Nov 30, 2022

Deadpool goes by many monikers such as the Merc with the Mouth, Ryan Reynolds, the best X-Men, and so many more. With the major shifts all over the Marvel universe, where does Deadpool even fit these days? Well! Good thing you’re here because we’ve got some answers on that because we’re joined by Alyssa Wong! They are the writer of Deadpool’s brand spankin' new series available now from Marvel Comics!

Alyssa and Dan start off their dive into Deadpool by talking about what really matters most to the character and the world, Carly Rae Jepsen. They speak about music and it's influences during the writing process of the series. We also semi-confirm that Deadpool probably listens to Ninja Sex Party.

Alyssa talks about Deadpool's identity as they talk about the person behind the mask. The series will be bringing a different side of the character to the forefront to explore different themes. Despite only having 1 issue on stands, Deadpool #1 gives us a look at how Wade Wilson sees himself in the scheme of things and how he views who he is currently. We also discuss his thoughts on his place in a Krakoa world.

The series brings som every big horror elements to the character in it's debut issue. Alyssa talks about their relationship with horror and introduces Dan to a new manga that you get to hear his brain try to wrap itself around. It's a look at Alyssa's relationship with body horror and gives a glimpse at what may be to come for Deadpool.

We also got a chance to chat about the new enby character Valentine Vuong and their importance of being seen on page. Alyssa and Dan discuss all of the new characters introduces in Deadpool #1 because they are something truly incredible to behold.

They also get a bit into their other series Doctor Aphra and what she's up to in the Star Wars universe!