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Sep 29, 2022

Star Trek: Lower Decks has returned for its third season on Paramount +. The show is still one of the best jumping on points for newcomers to the Trek universe. This season it seems like the crew will be visiting Deep Space Nine, a fan favorite location from the show Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (being a name and a place makes it so much easier to keep track of).

With the return of the show we are joined once again by the mighty and strong Mike McMahan. This time we are talking about Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 3. But Mike didn’t come alone this time! He brought along the incredibly talented Tawny Newsome who plays the shows lead character Mariner.

We got to chat about the experience of doing the show far. Tawny talks about how it was like creating a show in a vacuum for some time during the quarantine.

Mike and Tawny talk about their dynamic as a writer and as an actor. They have some very wholesome vibes as they talk about the goal is to make one another laugh when they’re doing the scripts from their end.

Tawny yells at Mike about Deep Space Nine as we talk about what it’s like to work with the iconic location and visit it in the show. Mike talks about what he wanted to do with the episode and about an extra scene that was added to the episode.

We also get the chance to talk about the upcoming live-action crossover with Star Trek: Brave New World. Tawny gives the honest truth on why she thought seeing her character in live action would never happen. Mike talks about his involvement and how he worked with the team to design their characters originally.

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