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Apr 6, 2022

Enter the world of West of Sundown with Nikki and Dan as they sit down with the co-writers, Tim Seeley and Aaron Campbell, and artist Jim Terry, the creative team behind the new series from Vault Comics. They explore the creative process behind the blending of horror and western genres in the series. West of Sundown promises a fresh take on monster mythology, with interesting character choices and arcs, while reconceptualizing the monster world in the context of a horror western.

We talk to the crew about their love of a cultural crossroads in New Mexico and small historical details included throughout the first issue, plus hints at what is to come. We talk about how much a of a dungeon master that Aaron Campbell truly is and how Tim has to reel him in. Jim Terry is very bougie in his sandwich choices. Tim reveals which of his own characters he would fist fight and so much more on this episode!

Special shout out to Nikki on knocking her first interview out of the park!

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