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Mar 8, 2023

With DC Comics entering a new chapter as a whole, it was about time that we were once again joined by one of the main architects of the universe, Joshua Williamson. Our first two deep dives into the DC Universe cruised through the Infinite Frontier and dived into the Dark Crisis before it started. With each interview, we had the chance to talk about what DC's universe was going to look like for the time ahead with Joshua. We talked about all the series he was working on and what some of the major characters were up to. This time is no different.

Joshua Williamson and Dan dig a bit into post Dark Crisis questions about how it feels with the series wrapped. Joshua talks about how he feels after writing a Crisis and how others who have penned them before have felt similarly. We get into the theme of legacy which was a hot topic of conversation in our last interview. Discussion of Nightwing's place in the world and the most important Robin, Damian Wayne, comes up as well.

Joshua Williamson is current at the helm of the self titled Superman which recently launched as a new number 1. The series has been a huge hit with the book returning to print at the time of our interview. Joshua answers the burning question that everyone has been DYING to know... Who is Superman's canonical favorite AEW wrestler? The depth of the answer may shock you. They also talk about the title itself and Jamal Campbell's incredible art. Joshua talks about the discussion Campbell and he had about how large Clark Kent would be outside of the costume.

We get the chance to talk about the upcoming Green Arrow series which is the heroes first title in some time. Joshua gives some of his essential runs that he loves. We also talk about some of the returning characters who have been absent from the DC Universe for some time.

As a capstone, Joshua gives a taste of whats to come in Knight Terrors which is DC's horror event coming this summer. Joshua drops some teasers of whats to come. But confirms the amount of involvement that Sandman, Wesley Dodds, has in the event.