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Mar 17, 2023

Typically, I set up interviews on my own. I either have to somehow connect with the person on social media, go through a PR company, or send a cold email to hope for the best. This interview isn't that. This is an interview with someone from my home town who knew my parents before I was even born. So this is a very different interview for me, personally. Danny Cage is someone who's The Monster Factory car I've seen at a bar down the street and have heard about for a long time. My step-mother was the one to make the connection so shout out to Megan for that. Danny is on the show today to talk about Monster Factory which is available now on Apply TV+. Check out Dan's review here!

Danny Cage is one of the most authentic people I have ever gotten the chance to speak with. He talks from his heart and leads with it in his work and his conversation. As you will see in the show, some people read his personality as someone who may be a bit too forward but to me, it's the best type of person on the planet. It's just something about people from the North East, we say what we think and we will do whatever we can to help others. We talk about our area's deep connection to the wrestling world and why it is.

We get into how the show came about and the story of everything that came to be. Danny talks about his stipulation on filming and how it snowballed into something much bigger. Danny Cage also goes out of his way to make sure he talks about the people who helped the show come to be.

There is a level of vulnerability in this conversation that I don't typically get to have in interviews for projects as big as a show. Danny Cage talks about how important crying is to being human.