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Oct 31, 2023

GateSlashers is back baby! This year though, we needed a new slasher. We kinda sent ours through a portal into the multiverse last year. Luckily, Dan had a box of slasher audition reels on VHS tapes in his office that Jake stumbled upon in Dan's absence. So this year, Jake and Ethan are trying to find the show's new slasher. It goes as well as you assume. But because we already broke out the VHS Player, we are also finally covering the V/H/S franchise!

Join Jon, Ethan, and Dan as they talk about one of the consistently wildest anthology horror film franchises out there. They discuss every short from the first film to the newest in the V/H/S line. There are several very big horror names who started in the series before they got a chance to tell their own stories solo.

Dan also opens the show by talking about the absence of the podcast as of late due to mental health and absolute burnout. We also announce how the show will be changing next year to combat that but to also put out better episodes on a more consistent basis! We will be movie to a season format in 2024. Each season will revolve around a theme to include different movies, games, comics, and all sorts of stuff that you may enjoy that falls under those theme umbrellas. We really hope you like the change so you can get more GateCrashers in 2024.

Don't worry though, you will still get GateCrashers 4 next October if the team survives next year. It's still up in the air especially after you hear the tapes of this year's special.