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Jun 21, 2022

GateCrashers has interviewed a huge array of guests from artists to Tony winners to New York Times Best Selling authors but nothing can measure up to one of the scum dogs of the universe, GWAR. The Intergalactic conquerors/band known as GWAR have released a new album entitled “The New Dark Ages" that is available to stream now on all platforms. The physical CD will be released on July 15th along with the tie in comic GWAR: In the Duoverse of Absurdity from Z2 comics. The vinyl and cassette versions of the album release on September 16th via the band’s own Pit Records.

Dan sat down with guitarist Pustulus Maximus to have a deep conversation from a range of topics. One of the major themes of the album is the loss of truth and the belief in lies. One of the tracks "Mother Fucking Liar" lays out the bands feelings on the subject very well. They speak about the impact of the lack of trust in science and how the human race has essentially doomed itself and continues to chose to do so.

Dan checks in on the "War on Gwar" from the previous album to see how that rages on. Pustulus talks about performing for live audiences after some time away in isolation, spoilers everyone is a hell of a lot hornier.

Pustulus also dives into a bit of a conversation about what cancel culture is and a human's ability to grow as a person over time which should be nurtured rather than stomped out.

Be sure to check out Gwar's new album "The New Dark Ages" right fucking now.