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Apr 20, 2022

It's no secret that Dan has gotten in deep with wrestling but for the first time ever we are joined by an AEW superstar in this week's episode with our Steve Orlando and Nyla Rose interview about their upcoming one-shot from Marvel Comics GIANT-SIZED X-MEN: THUNDERBIRD 1.

Nyla Rose teams up with comics star Steve Orlando and First Nations artist David Cutler to grapple with the ramifications of Thunderbird’s recent resurrection on Krakoa. The world John Proudstar has returned to is completely different from the one he once knew. Looking to find refuge in the familiar, Thunderbird seeks out someone from his past at an Apache reservation…and uncovers a horrifying threat to the Indigenous mutant community. Will Thunderbird be able to save his people? Or will his justified rage lead him astray?

Steve and Nyla chat about who John Proudstar is after all this time being... well not alive. We dive into the character's costume redesign with artist Dave Cutler. Nyla discusses what is was like being able to bring authentic voices to the characters when typically John has not had a native person writing or designing his character. Both writers talk about how they approached how death has changed John who was a pretty stubborn and brash person. Both Steve and Nyla school Dan on wrestling stories and history. This is one Steve Orlando and Nyla Rose interviews you don't want to miss.

Do you know who the Undertaker's manager was? You're going to learn today!

Noted Dakenologist Dan McMahon who has a PhD in Daken studies gets to chat with Steve about his approach to the character. Orlando drops some pretty big hints to the future of the character and what he has in store with him.

Nyla also chats about some of the inspirations for her in ring personality, her wrestling rituals, and we talk about what Marvel characters are wrestling fans.

All of that and more in this interview! You can find Steve on Twitter here and Nyla Rose on twitter here!

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