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May 6, 2022

Listeners should be familiar with the Detective Comic Comics universe by now being that’s what all this was born from. Well, listeners, we’ve covered one of these before and opened with a musical number but this time, we are here with someone who is penning a...


Red skies, death, destruction, trying to make sense of the DC universe’s multiverse and how at one point all of it happened in 5 years...

Today we are once again joined by the current architect of the DC Universe; the writer of Robin, Batman, Deathstroke Inc, and now… DARK CRISIS... New York Times best-selling author Joshua Williamson joins us again to talk about the DC Universe.

It's been some time since the last major Crisis in the DC Universe but the pieces have been laid out since the very first steps into the Infinite Frontier. Joshua's work on so many of the biggest DC Comics titles have been laying the groundwork for what has come for the Dark Crisis. There are pieces that Joshua says are obvious that we have all missed so far.

We discuss the importance of Legacy in the DC Universe with much of the younger generation of heroes stepping up to fill the shoes left behind by the murdered Justice League in the pages of Justice League #75. With DC shying away from legacy until recently, we discussed the importance of people like Nightwing and Flash rising to the occasion. We spend a fair amount of time discussing the true heart of the DC Universe, Dick Grayson and why everyone turns to him in the times of crisis.