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Mar 15, 2023

On this week's episode, Jake, Ashley, and Matt are covering the emotional (and occasional tear-jerker) anime, Violet Evergarden. It was originally conceived as a Japanese light novel series by Kana Akatsuki and illustrated by Akiko Takase that ran from 2015 to 2020. Because of the novel's success and unique plot, animation company Kyoto adapted the series for television in 2013 with a 13-episode arc that subsequently went on to include a bonus episode and two films. 

Violet Evergarden is a gorgeous and sentimental story following the life of a young girl who is trying to assimilate to normal life after experiencing first-hand the horrors of war. As a child, Violet Evergarden is nameless, living on the streets of an island being besieged by soldiers. After a violent altercation, this child is the last one standing, drawing the attention of naval officer Dietfried Bougainvillea. Dietfried passes on this new find to his younger brother, Major Gilbert Bougainvillea. Gilbert sees this young girl as more than just a tool for war, and takes guardianship of her. He names her Violet, and encourages her to see and experience the beauty in life, in spite of the military battles they both take part in. Gilbert is the first person to ever care for Violet, and she becomes emotionally attached, even when she doesn’t have the words for her feelings. Eventually, their luck runs out in combat, and both Gilbert and Violet find themselves grievously injured. 

“I love you.” These are the last words Violet has from the only source of comfort she’s ever known in her life. Violet Evergarden the anime series charts a course through the life Violet builds after her injuries, and the people and situations she encounters while trying to discovering the meaning of Gilbert’s final words to her.  Visually stunning and emotionally captivating, Violet Evergarden explores a multitude of themes and storylines to interest any viewer.

Join us this week as week take a deep dive into the world of Violet Evergarden!