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May 4, 2022

Created in 2018 by Shinichi Fukuda and adapted by CloverWorks, My Dress-Up Darling follows Wakana Gojo, a reserved first-year high schooler who dreams of becoming a craftsman of traditional Japanese ornamental dolls called hina dolls. One day, his popular, bubbly, and incredibly gorgeous classmate Marin Kitagawa recruits him to help her make her cosplaying dreams come true! Though he has no experience sewing clothing for real people—only dolls—he agrees to help Marin and the two embark on an adorably nerdy and endearing journey of friendship and potential first love.

Equal parts sweet and spicy, My Dress-Up Darling appeals to die-hard romance enthusiasts and cosplay lovers alike! From best boy Gojo to best girl Marin, My Dress-Up Darling manages to be both incredibly wholesome and deeply horny on main.

Using cosplay as a vehicle, Shinichi Fukuda puts a fresh new spin on classic themes and subverts archetypal tropes, handles both cosplaying and Gojo and Marin’s budding romance with genuine care. Join Amanda and Scarlett as they squeal over the anime and manga so far and share their respective cosplaying experiences.

Find the manga, which is still ongoing, wherever books are sold and watch the finished anime on Crunchyroll!

Are you a cosplayer? Have you watched My Dress-Up Darling? Are you as obsessed with Gojo and Marin’s romance as we are? Let us know!