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Aug 30, 2022

We'd be lying if we didn't say that Tik Tok has been a huge source of my entertainment since the start of the pandemic. There are a ton of truly funny, weird, and inventive people using the platform to express themselves. A lot of musicians have been using the platform but none as well as sad alex. Recently, Alex has been running a campaign recently through a series of Tik Toks leading up to the release of her new single "rugburn". Each video features a portion of the song and her singing it somewhere different. Dan and Alex sat down to have a in depth conversation which you're about to hear.

Alex Saad and Dan discuss her use of Tik Tok and social media for sad alex to promote her music through the pandemic. But they also delve into the dangers of social media and get a bit into the ideas of parasocial relationships.

Alex has written music for many other artists but we chat about creating her art and the amount of authenticity that goes into creating art for the sad alex project. When you put something of yourself on the page, you have to give a level of the truth to the audience which Alex excels at. Her music is a look into who she is and that's what she wants. Her intention is to be her authentic self when creating art.

The two discuss their approach to the creation of content but also get into the idea of faking it till you make it. They talk about how trying to approach things differently is where they have found their success. Before the interview, Dan ran a question past Alex that she was shocked he knew. It was a big moment like he was Nardwaur interviewing someone.

Alex talks about blending sexuality, intimacy, and humor for her connects in her music.

Alex is also from the East Coast so she and Dan talk about the difference in sandwiches between their area versus Los Angelos.

"rugburn" is out now and be sure to stream her other music.