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Apr 13, 2022

On this episode Dan and Jake talk about spies, specifically Spy X Family! But which spy?

James Bond? No, we did that already!

Austin Powers? No, much to Dan’s disappointment.

Loid Forger aka Twilight? YES! Join the brothers as they follow a different family, the Forgers, as they action and antics play-out in Spy X Family!

In this manga turned anime series, a spy on a quest for peace must undergo his most difficult mission yet… starting a family!?! He's got a week to start a family from scratch or face complete failure. When he finally does assemble his nuclear family...things aren't as they seem.

Dad is a spy, Mom is an assassin known as Princess Thorn, and the daughter, Anya, is a telepath! Can the spy Twilight maintain peace between enemy nations and peace at home? Can the Thorn Princess keep everyone in the dark about her killer career? Will young Anya get good grades at school or the silenced pistol she has her eyes set on?

Find out by listening to GateCrashers as we cover the first volume of Spy X Family, which contains chapters one through five. The entire series is available on the Shonen Jump app which is a huge value for the low price every month. If you want to pick it up physically, make sure to check your local bookstore or call Third Eye Comics who can get you set up with the series.

Dan gives his review of the first episode now available on Crunchyroll!

This is our second recent episode with a manga/anime combo that Dan loved, really becoming a big manga guy. It's just a preview of what's to come later this summer when we have our second annual Anime August. This year is going to be bigger and better with four episodes dedicated to different anime and manga series that we think you are going to love. BELIEVE IT!