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Nov 16, 2022

On today's episode, we are joined by writer and journalist John Harris Dunning to discuss his new graphic novel Wiper from Dark Horse Comics. This was a rare early morning interview with Dan and the energy is very different as they get into the book, John's inspirations, and many topics.

Wiper follows Lula Nomi who is a Wiper--a private detective who guarantees complete discretion. A memory wipe after every job sees to that. When she is hired by enigmatic robot Klute she thinks the case is the answer to all her problems. But there's something oddly familiar about Klute--and the more she investigates the disappearance of journalist Orson Glark, the more she suspects that he's somehow connected to her own past . . . Lula must face her greatest fears to learn what happened to Glark . . . and the truth about herself.

In our conversation, John discusses some of the major themes of the book and its exploration of identity. John and Dan get into the construction of the world of Wiper. It's a story that has an optimistic view of the future which is rare in cyberpunk type settings which makes it a truly unique science fiction story.

John discusses the making of Wiper in depth with how he and artist Ricardo Cabral worked together to construct their world. He also talks about how they collaborated with their colorist Brad Simpson so everyone was in sync on the overall vibe of the world. The end product is an incredibly dense but beautiful world that frames linger on to draw you into their world.

John gives insight into his life and influences from growing up in South Africa that can be seen in the comic itself. It's one of the most eye opening conversations we have had on the show that brings such insight into someone's craft especially on a book like Wiper.